The flag of the Church of God of Prophecy

There are several nations and several flags. The flag of a nation symbolizes the pride, the hopes, and the ideas of a country. The Church is in itself a “holy nation” and also has its flag.
Historically the flag of the Church of God was introduced in 1933 during the 28th General Assembly by Bishop A.J. Tomlinson. Guided by biblical foundations, the scepter, the star, and the crown were the designs placed in the center of the flag.
The scepter, the star and the crown represent all the prophecies about Jesus who will reign as King after coming and offering himself as an atoning sacrifice for humanity.
The colors also have their meaning: Red, White, Blue and Purple. Red represents the blood of Jesus that has been shed for all humanity. White represents purity or holiness, blue is truth, and purple represents royalty.